3 bedrooms. Two single bunk rooms, each accommodating two people. One double bunk room accommodating four people. 

Each bed has an individual bedside light with a small shelf for personal items and sockets for recharging phones. There are hooks for coats and racks for shoes and baggage storage.     

Kitchen area


We have a well-equipped kitchen, catering for the one-night guest and those who might be staying longer. There is a dual range cooker,  electric kettle, microwave oven, toaster and fridge. Food storage cubicles are provided for individuals' food.

Livingroom area


The wood  panelled  living room with its peat burning stove is a lovely place to relax.  There are board games, maps  and information on the local area. You'll have great views of the Cockle Beach and North Uist in the distance. In good weather you can sit outside and enjoy the views. 

Drying room


This room adjacent to the kitchen has a utility sink, pulley drying racks, heater, spindryer and dehumidifier. 

Bike shed


The bike shed has eight individual bicycle stands. There are hooks here for very wet clothes. Outside there is a tap from the water butt for washing down bikes and muddy gear.

Shower rooms


There are two of these. The double room has an en-suite shower room. The single bunk rooms access the larger bathroom off the main corridor. This room is fully equipped for  disabled guests. Towels can be hired on request.